CUB Bike Shop Service and Rental Brasov

Plus an authentic Escape Room

CUB started as a company that wants to change the way Brasov and the people of Brasov relate to bicycles.
Although we set out to be an Urban Bicycle Courier Company, we’ve become a bike shop that sells and rents Econic One electric bikes and repairs any other kind of bikes.

In addition, an absolutely original idea was to develop an Escape Room game inside the workshop, in which people can put their minds through tough efforts in a very pleasant way, in a very authentic scenario – in a functional bicycle repair service.
So to put it shortly: we’re CUB Bike Shop, Service and Rental, plus Escape Room. Nice to meet you too.

Sigla CUB

The better you take care of it, the less it costs you.


Rent an eBike right now!


What better warranty than the fact that we bought nine Eljoy bicycles?


We do everything with bicycles. This time – an Escape Room


Why CUB?

We deliver ecology and well spent time.


From our standpoint, it is the best (i.e ecological, logical, fun, healthy, useful) service we can conceive.

  • It’s a door-to-door service
  • It is a 100% ecological service
  • Contributes to a calmer traffic
  • Contributes to a less noisy environment
  • Contributes to the popularization of bicycles and bicycle tracks
  • Given the current trend, this may be the fastest method available
  • We only have passionate couriers, full of endorphins, so you will see more smiles
  • You don’t need big CSR budgets for a good image – choosing a responsible provider is much more honest advertising

Who are we?



Misha is our savior. After a year in which we struggled to develop a scalable, big, good and beautiful app and we didn’t succeed, he put his foot down and made us a backup and rescue app which turned really great. Thanks, Misha!
Crican Cezar

Crican Cezar

Caesar is the one who could no longer work for the corporation and chose to volunteer for the community.
At almost 30 years old, he realized that he had not built anything for himself and concluded that the only thing he could do to build for society but also for himself was to start an ultra-ecological adventure called CUB.
Gabi Ivanov

Gabi Ivanov

Chief mechanic and fast bike racer, Gabi handles the bike repairs and the race representation.

We grew up together, as young volunteers in the Club for Nature Protection and Tourism in Brașov.
We believe that sustainable living and related education cannot only found in the western world, but that they’re something we can contribute to, here, at home.
In addition, we found the perfect glove for this job, becoming a start-up set up and funded by the Start-up@CENTRU project (ID 105851) within the Romania Start Up Plus call (POCU 2014-2020).