A new Escape Room in Brașov!

An escape room – treasure hunt – mystery room – quest room, all in a fully functional bicycle repair shop.


Seriously, bicycle repair shop every day 10 to 18, Escape Room during the after hours and in the weekends. And no, you don’t have to look for the 25 hex key, but just enjoy the authentic bike shop environment while looking for the clues.

You can't have it more authentic than this!

From the organizers of endurance competitions of up to 50 hours in the wild, who hardly agreed to restrict their playground to 35 square meters, came out a game that you do not enter until you run about 500 meters. You can also walk, but the clock is ticking.

No worries though, not only running brings value to the team, so not everyone has to do it. Maybe an engineer will be a good addition to your team.

We’ve prepared 90 minutes of bicycle secrets and not only, at the end of which is not an exit, but an entrance.

What entrance?

An entrance to the world of electric bicycles. If you manage to finish in time, your prize will be a voucher with which you can rent 3 bikes for the price of 2.

90 minutes of escape room

CUB Bike Service Escape Room

What to expect?

Decor Escape Room
Don't expect Hollywood movie sets, gold-plated treasures or high-tech digital wallets. Get ready to immerse yourself in the life of a bicycle mechanic, who has to work out something every day so that another bicycle older than him can see more miles ahead.

Expect scenarios inspired by the life of the author, an automotive engineer with a passion for hydraulics, the son of a military communications officer and a mother who studied by candlelight. Because he is ultra-passionate about sustainable living, he finds it difficult to break away from old objects and is still looking for original ways to reuse them, just not to throw them away.

He was once on one of his adventures through Europe when he learned that this is actually a new concept called upcycling, in which objects that have reached the end of their lives in one role can start over in another one, before being melted, burned or stored for biodegradation. With that in mind, expect … anything.

Note that the game is not suited for children under the age of 10, if unattended, only because it’s a game designed for adults. Not because it has adult content, but because they just find it more challenging. Children under 10 can attend only under careful supervision from their legal guardian.

What’s the price?

  • 2 persons

    The very hard option!

    170 RON
  • 3 Persons

    The playful option.

    220 RON
  • 4 persons

    The million ignored ideas option

    260 RON
  • 5 persons

    The million ignored ideas option

    300 RON
20% off if you all bike to the venue.

20% off if you all bike to the venue.

This is the only way we can actually contribute to less greenhouse gas emissions.


Feeling intrigued? Wanna try?

If so, first select how many participants will there be, and then select the time period you wish to attend to. If you wish to book an appointment sooner than 4 hours, please give us a call at +40727133521 to check for availability.